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Milwaukee Gun Store Found Negligent

For starters, As you can see, I have a home-made image above(only because lawyers these days will sue over anything…). If you know what the animal is, and what is […]

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 9 could lead to concealed carry changes

A bi-partisan (although barely) bill has been introduced in the Wisconsin legislature that could impact the current concealed carry law.  As it was introduced:  Under current law, a law enforcement officer or a […]

Crank lever close up

Battle Arms Development – Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Battle Arms Development – Ambidesxtrous Safety Selector, A.K.A The B.A.D-A.S.S. For the “South Paws” out there, or even those want to let their left-handed buddy take your AR for a spin, […]

TABK – Learn it – Live it

The basic rules of firearm safety are designed to keep you and those around you safe. To remember them there is a symple acronym, TABK. This has been taught at […]

Gun Ban 2013

Wyoming Bill HB0104 Defends Against A Federal Gun Ban

Within the coming weeks VP Biden and his Gun Task Force will present their recommendations to the President. It is expected that the Obama administration will then push hard for […]

Gun Ban 2013

Congress Introduces Multiple Anti-Gun Proposals

The 113th session of the United States Congress isn’t even a week old and eight new gun control bills have already been introduced.  Talk about not letting a tragedy go […]

How To Apply for an ATF CR License

A Curio and Relic license (C&R) is a collector’s license issued by the ATF, or as they are now known, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.  This license […]

AR-15 Magazines Are Almost Sold-out Nationwide

The threat of an assault weapon ban by the Obama Administration has led to what appears to be almost a complete sellout of high-capacity magazines for the popular AR-15 rifle. […]

Review: Walker’s Alpha Muffs – Hearing Protection

Walker’s Alpha Muffs It doesn’t matter if you are at the range for target practice, or in the woods hunting the trophy buck; if you are shooting, then you need […]

Enter to Win – Cabela’s gift card

  Gearhog is again giving away a couple gift cards for Cabela’s. Other days they have deals on hunting, fishing, or outdoor gear.         Enter to win […]