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Send a message to ‘no gun’ businesses

Beginning in late 2011 Wisconsin residents became eligible to apply for a concealed carry weapons permit. At the same time business owners were able to post notices that prohibited weapons […]

Women, you love to accessorize, how about a new firearm

It was a normal Sunday morning in Brookfield, WI. Shoppers were filling the mall looking for the latest fashions and the best deals, while others were across the street at […]

Concealed Carry in Wisconsin

For those of you who have a Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License or are from a state with reciprocity to Wisconsin, and choose to carry a weapon, you need to be […]

Choosing a Caliber for Carry

When I talk to people about what they carry, there seem to be a few of you who carry¬† a .380, but by far the consensus seems to be either […]