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Buddy Heater Packaging

Review – Portable Buddy Heater Model MH9BX

The product review for today is the “Portable Buddy” by Mr. Heater, model # MH9BX.  It is a compact propane heater that I had the opportunity to use while hunting […]

ZPR1500 Installed

Review: Elzetta ZPR1500 Tactical Rail Kit

Today I’ll be reviewing the Elzetta ZPR1500, the tactical rail kit that compliments the Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Holder (review for ZFH1500 available in September archives). As shown, the package contents are the rail, two […]

Enter to win – $100 gift certificate for

The site GEARHOG is offering a great deal today. A chance to win one of two $100 gift certificates. Gearhog offers several deals per week on outdoor gear and activities. You’ll […]

Choosing a Caliber for Carry Part 2

In October I pointed you to an article at On Wisconsin Outdoors about choosing a caliber for carry. That was part 1. I noticed that part 2 was recently posted. […]

Free NRA membership for Military, Police, and First Responders

NRA Life of Duty is an exclusive program for members of the military, law enforcement and first responders who serve and protect our nation. Annual memberships qualify active Life of […]

New Product: The ZiP™.22 Long Rifle

Check out this new product that launches December 1st.   I can’t wait to get one and strap it to the front of my AR15. They call one of the models the […]


Review – Elzetta Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel – ZSS1500

A couple of months ago I reviewed the Elzetta ZFH1500, their Tactical Flashlight Holder for AR15 rifles (Find it in the September Archives to the right). At the time I mentioned that a […]

2012 Election Candidate Guide from Germantown Outdoors

Much like the title states, this is the November 2012 candidate guide for the Germantown WI area covering state and federal elections. Since this blog focuses on firearms related items, […]