Crank lever close up

Battle Arms Development – Ambidesxtrous Safety Selector, A.K.A The B.A.D-A.S.S.

For the “South Paws” out there, or even those want to let their left-handed buddy take your AR for a spin, take a look at the Ambi Safety Selector from Battle Arms Development, or as they call it, the BAD-ASS. Like myself, most left handed individuals have come accustom to operating a traditionally-setup firearm designed for a right-handed shooter.  In the case of a standard AR15, the safety switch, bolt catch, and magazine release are all setup for the convenience of a right-handed person. That isn’t unexpected since a majority of people are right-handed. Something like an ambi-safety should be an easy upgrade for a manufacturer to incorporate into their products.  Now, with a simple upgrade, you can make the modification yourself. In just a few minutes be able to switch from safe to fire and back without removing your hand from the grip, giving yourself a safer and more convenient firearm.

If you have a screwdriver then you are all set for the install because everything else is included:

  • Levers you selected when placing the order
  • A replacement safety bar
  • TORX screws
  • Safety selector detent (stainless steel)
  • Safety selector detent spring
  • T10 TORX L-Key

Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety

BADASS - out of the packaging

Product Details:

  • MADE IN U.S.A. (Always a plus!)
  • 36 Possible Lever Combinations when selecting from their 6 lever styles:
    • Standard
    • Short
    • Thin
    • Short and thin
    • Hybrid
    • Crank
  • 7 Colors to choose from: Black, FDE, Foliage, Gun Metal Grey, Olive, Pink, and Stainless Steel
  • Colored levers feature a Cerakote finish
  • Compatible with ArmaLite, Inc.’s AR10®
  • Retail Price: $75-$94, Current web price $60-$79 depending on color


The Flat Dark Earth kit is what I picked up. There is a quality finish on the levers.

From left to right: Crank, Standard, Hybrid, the safety bar

Battle Arms Development A.S.S

To be fair, this is the first ambi safety selector that I’ve installed, but after seeing the B.A.D-A.S.S. I won’t be going anywhere else when I need another.  I found this product after a quick internet search. It was the only product I found with as many colors and lever configurations. I hadn’t even considered installing an ambi safety in FDE, but it goes nicely with the other FDE items on the rifle.  Almost all the other abmi safety units I found were either available in only black, or maybe black and one other color. In addition, most of the options on the market feature a single standard style lever. When you go with Battle Arms Development you’ll get to pick from 7 colors and 6 different levers.

It comes with a hardened stainless steel detent and spring. (Your mileage may vary on getting a spring because it is not listed in the product description).  The detent produces a firm hold while at SEMI and SAFE and still allows for a smooth transition between them when you are ready to fire.

I found the lever’s rounded edges to be very comfortable. They also feature deep groves to allow your finger to sink in and get a firm grip. The custom torx screws featurning the company name are a nice touch.

BAD ASS Crank Lever Installed -overhead

Pictured above is a Crank lever installed on the right side.

Below is a Standard lever installed on the left side of the rifle.

Standard lever installed - angled shot

A wider shot

Right side - installed - Majority shot

Standard Lever - straight shot

Yes, that is a Bravo Company rifle. Not to get side-tracked, but I would definately recommend BCM to anyone that is in the market for an AR15.

Taking the entire experiencing into consideration, from the ordering process, handling/shipping time, product looks, product operation, and ease of installation, the only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to include some thread lock. They could  provide 2 mounting screws that have thread lock pre-installed, and 2 screws with none. That would allow you to mix and match the levers until you find your favorite combination before locking it down. I can’t hold that against them too much since everyone should some Loctite around the house, but it would be a nice feature.

This doesn’t just have to be a solution for those wanting to add an ambidextrous safety lever. BAD offers a cap that can be installed on either  side. This would allow a right-handed shooter to leave their rifle with a single safety, but jazz it up a little with a new colored lever.

This is a quality product with a price that fits well in the market given all of the colors and lever styles that are available. I look forward to reviewing more products from Battle Arms Development in the future.

Overall … Thumbs UP!