Ever since getting my concealed carry permit I’ve started paying close attention to business that chose to prohibit weapons in their locations. In many cases if I see that a concealed weapon is not allowed I give my business to someone else. This works in most cases for me since I’m not usually shopping at the only game in town. In my normal traveling I’ve noticed a couple places don’t allow weapons, conceals or otherwise. They are Pizza Hut and Aldi grocery stores. In the case of pizza, I can certainly have it delivered or go somewhere else, but occasionally the family likes to go there for their dinner buffet, so in that case I need to disarm. In the case of Aldi, they are not the only game in town. I have several other grocery stores that I typically give my business to.

That brings me to a situation that I encountered recently. I had some business at a jewelry store that I’ve used for years. After Wisconsin allowed concealed carry, a “no weapons” type sign was placed in their front window. I hadn’t been there for years and needed to go back to the car and lock up my weapon when I noticed the sign. Upon entering I started having a discussion with one the employees who had been there for 10+ years. According to her and her boss, they felt it would be too dangerous to allow weapons in the store. I then presented it to them in a different way. I told them that as a jewelry store, they were probably a big target for thieves, she agreed. She also agreed that a criminal is going to ignore that sign and the only people who would follow it are law-abiding citizens. I followed that up by saying that if a criminal was going to rob the place, they’d look at the “no weapons” sign in the window, and they’d know that none of the customers in the store would be carrying, giving them an easy target. I said that if there was not a “no weapons” sign in the window, then the robber would need to think twice about robbing the place because there is at least a chance that a customer is carrying a firearm. She agreed with me and about 10 seconds later that sign was out of the window.

In the end, if you find a business that doesn’t allow concealed carry; don’t tell them that you are going to take your business elsewhere. Instead, have a polite conversation with them, discuss the facts, and see if you can get them to change your mind.  If they do, good for you since you’ll be able to enter the store without leaving your piece in the car. If not, you still have the choice to give that business your money, or find somewhere else that supports the rights of gun owners.