Gun Ban 2013

The 113th session of the United States Congress isn’t even a week old and eight new gun control bills have already been introduced.  Talk about not letting a tragedy go to waste….

Hot off the school shooting in Connecticut, a Democrat from New York, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, introduced 4 bills. McCarthy’s bills seek to require background checks at gun shows, ban mail/internet ordered ammunition, ban the transfer or possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds (most likely aimed at assault rifles but affecting much more than that), and a bill that would create a national database for those that are prohibited from buying a firearm.

Also introduced was a bill by Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 from carrying a handgun. You can use handguns to hunt in some places so I guess those that do would need to go out and buy a rifle, if they can get one before those are banned too.

Bobby Rush, Democrat from Illinois, introduced a bill that would seek to establish a firearm owner registration system, something federal law currently prohibits.

Jim Moran from Virginia, a Democrat (see a pattern here…), attempts to ban private firearm sales or transfers. For starters that means that sales at gun shows would no longer be allowed. That isn’t the worst of it as transfers to family members would be eliminated as well. That means that when your child is old enough to hunt and has passed the appropriate hunters safety course you won’t be able to give him/her a rifle as a gift.

That isn’t to say that Democrats where the only party to present firearm bills.  Representatives Stockman and Massie, Texas and Kentucky respectively, introduced bills that would eliminate “gun free” zones around schools.  There may be better ideas, but “gun free” zones in schools have worked just about as good as “drug free” zones.  At this point anyone that wants to inflict harm on someone in a school knows that they will be met with little to no resistance until the police arrive. If there is even a chance that someone in the school is armed then maybe that person would think twice before they enter.

If you are a gun owner you need to do two things; stay informed and contact your elected representatives to make sure that they know which way you want them to vote on each of these bills.  If you are in Wisconsin then I’ve made it pretty simple for you. Enter your address at the link below and you’ll be given contact information for your state and federal representatives.  Contact all of them by phone or mail and let them know where you stand. As far as staying informed, the NRA will do a pretty good job of that if you sign up for their email alerts, available through their Institute for Legislative Action. Sign up here, NRA membership not required, but I would recommend it.

Find your Elected Representatives (WI):

You can also use the “Write Your Reps” feature from this NRA website. Tell you representatives to protect your 2nd Amendment Right.