The liberal media is already screaming about gun control after the tragedy that has left 12 dead and dozens more injured after a gunman attacks moviegoers at the Century Theatre in Aurora, CO.  Increased gun control would not have prevented this situation because Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on a gun.

The Century Theatre is part of the Cinemark chain of theatres. It is the policy of this facility to prohibit firearms other than those carried by law enforcement. This means that every law-abiding citizen watching the movie was completely helpless to defend themselves when the gunman attacked.  I don’t know how many of Colorado’s approximately 140,000 concealed carry permit holders were in the theatre at the time of the shooting, and we may never know, but if one had been there is a chance that this could have ended with considerably less deaths. The shooter probably knew that the theatre was a “gun free” zone, and that he would be the only one there with a firearm.  He had the element of surprise and would have caught everyone off guard.  With 12 dead and 58 injured, you can assume that dozens of shots were fired. In the time it takes to fire that many shots, a legally-carrying person would have been able to react and potentially save lives.

My sympathy goes out to the victims and their families of this horrible tragedy. I urge all business to consider the situation that you are putting your patrons in when you prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons in your facility. You won’t be preventing shootouts from happening;  What you will be preventing is the opportunity for everyone to defend themselves because any criminal that enters isn’t going to obey your “no weapons” sign.

Coverage on the shooting is available from the Denver Post here.