Walker’s Alpha Muffs

It doesn’t matter if you are at the range for target practice, or in the woods hunting the trophy buck; if you are shooting, then you need hearing protection. The decibel rating of a firearm can be 140dB or more. Any exposure to sounds that loud can cause immediate damage and pain.

Throwing in plugs or on muffs at the range is no big deal. However, in the woods you need to not only see your target, it also helps to hear it coming.  That is where electronic hearing protection comes in.  This gives you the best of both worlds; protection from the harmful volumes, and the ability to hear your target as it approaches.  In the case of what I’m showing you today, low sounds are amplified and high sounds are reduced.

This product is marketed as “Walker’s Alpha Muffs”. They retail between $60-65.

Alpha Muffs front Alpha Muffs Side


  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 24dB
  • 2 Microphones: outside of each muff
  • Amplification: 5x, each side has volume control
  • Power requirement: 2AAA (included)

I picked these up on the way to hunting camp earlier this year so my trip into the woods in search of that 30 point buck was the first time wearing them. There were at least 5 different models of electronic hearing protection at the store. I selected these at the recommendation of the salesman. He said that they were pretty popular and he hadn’t received any complaints on them.  They were about $10 more than the cheapest, but considerably less expensive than the $200 pair that was available (I guess those are gold-plated….). I got camo, as you can tell. I believe they also came in black.

I’ve used them twice so far.   Right out of the packaging I could tell that these were going to be comfortable. The outer ring of each muff is a soft rubber-coated foam.  In addition, the muffs rotate a full 360 degrees and can extend independently, approximately 3″ in very small increments. The head strap is also padded. So, whether you have a round, square, or a triangle-shaped head, they should fit comfortably.

As you flip over each muff you will find a pad inside that covers the internal electronics.  Both sides require a AAA battery, Energizer batteries were included. One feature that I appreciate is a strap that sits under the battery and is used to pull out the battery when the time comes. This may go overlooked by some, but trying to dig fingers inside the muff to get out a battery would be a bit more difficult without the strap.  Also shown below is the speaker which is positioned toward the bottom of each muff.

Alpha Muffs Inside2

Opening morning of deer season I put them into action for the first time.  It didn’t take too long to realize that you don’t need the amplification turned up too high.  Sitting in my deer blind I could hear the chipmunks scattering across the leaves and the birds landing in the trees. I could also hear every piece of my clothing move as I got settled in my seat.  By the time I had the volume dialed in, I had them on a very low volume.

No big buck this year, but after I bagged the doe I also gave the muffs a workout doing some target practice. I was able to have a conversation without yelling and still had the shots from the rifle significantly muffled. If you have amplification up too high when you take them off you’ll hear the familiar feedback screeching like when you get a microphone too close to a speaker. Either put them back on your head to keep the microphone from hearing the speaker, or turn them down/off.


  • Good sound reproduction. I have no complaints about the amplification or the quality of the audio
  • Light weight, comfortable fit, one size fits all
  • Cost: 2-3x the price of standard muffs
  • Volume independently adjustable on left and right side

Thumbs Up!