For those of you who have a Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License or are from a state with reciprocity to Wisconsin, and choose to carry a weapon, you need to be aware of the locations where firearms are prohibited. I’ve created a one page document that is based on the 56-page Department Of Justice CCW F.A.Q. It is located here: Wisconsin CCW Notes. You can easily print this and leave it in the glove box of your car.  Also included are the document is the DOJ’s recommendations when you interact with a law enforcement officer while carrying.

A very abbreviated list of locations where you are prohibited from carrying a weapon are:

  • Any public or private business or property where a sign is posted that prohibits weapons
  • A public or private school (including school property)
  • A police station, sheriff office, jail, prison, or correctional facility
  • A local or state courthouse
  • A mental health institution or treatment center
  • An airport – any place beyond a security checkpoint
  • Federal Buildings (including the US Post Office)
  • A Tavern if consuming alcohol
  • Special Events (Sporting Events, Concerts, etc)
  • Private University or College

Outside of those locations there is a site that is setup to help you know ahead of time if concealed carry is allowed or not.  Friend or Foe which can be found at  There are over 18,000 places rated. The ratings range from Very Positive to Very Negative.  You can narrow down to an area by zip code, then flip to the map and drill in closer to see if your destination is rated or not.  If not, then you can enter your own rating once you’ve visited the location.

If you decide to carry, it is your responsibility to check each location to determine if entering with a weapon is prohibited. Don’t rely on the rating on a site because business owners could have changed their policy since it was rated.

If you happen to stop at a place that has a “no gun” sign posted, tell the owner that you don’t appreciate their “no gun” sign. Do that with a no guns=no money message. You can print them at home with Avery 10/sheet business card templates. Get it HERE.